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Vehicle Registration – Another Use of RFID

Category: RFID Tags — Posted by greggm - 2:23 pm

Did you know that in many countries, RFID is being used on vehicle license plates in order to ensure drivers are registering their cars appropriately?

It’s true. These systems are called electronic vehicle registration (EVR) or electronic vehicle identification (EVI). How does it work? RFID tags are embedded in decals on windshields or license plates. Then, RFID readers are set up at intersections and officials can even use handheld RFID readers when they make a traffic stop. The system allows these countries to make sure that the vehicles are insured, the registration is up to date and any taxes or fees are up-to-date.

And, according to the RFID Journal, “Another potential benefit of deploying EVR and EVI systems is their ability to count the number of cars that drive on a particular roadway during a specified period of time. Many cities worldwide have increasing levels of traffic, but were not designed to accommodate vehicles.”

RFID’s use is indeed widespread. What do you think? Should the US consider a similar program? Let me know your thoughts!


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