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UHF RFID Tags vs. HF RFID Tags – Part 2

Category: RFID Tags — Posted by gregg - 9:12 am

It seems I hear less and less each week about how High Frequency (HF) is the best frequency for item level tagging. As near field UHF (Ultra high frequency) continues to mature one by one the advantages and myths continue to disappear.

1. UHF RFID tags are affected by liquids

  • UHF far field is affected by liquids – TRUE
  • UHF near field is affected by liquids – FALSE
  • UHF near field not only works on water but in water!

2. UHF RFID tags won’t work on tags in close proximity

  • UHF Gen 2 singulation and anti-collision algorithms are superior to HF protocols – TRUE
  • UHF can read >1000 tags/sec – TRUE
  • UHF has more reliable reads on large tag populations – TRUE

Stay turned for at least one more posting in this series on HF vs. UHF. If you are interested in experimenting with near field technology you can contact BlueBean or if you are ready to purchase a RFID Reader or RFID Kit you can go line at www.rfidsupplychain.com


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