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Did you know that almost every sport depends on the technology? From American to European, from football to hockey, most of the sports everyone has grown to enjoy depend on these new discoveries, and without them it wouldn’t be the same.

A few examples include the instant replay, wireless microphones for referees, and headsets for coaches and players. Since some of these inventions, technology has expanded in our sports world.

European Rugby teams are turning to RFID tags for the instant replay and taking their game to the next level. According to Sports Network, these teams can “transmit the exact coordinates of the ball and players at an astounding 2000 times per second. It can also be used to calculate movement, speed, accuracy, and even force of impact.”

Will US transition to this new technology and get rid of bad calls?

Other teams exploring this new technology include the NHL, which recently held its first broadcast in 3D and was a huge success. Currently there are enough teams participating in trying this technology that ESPN has launched their first 3 dimensional networks.

Could this be a new trend for sports?

According to RFIDjournal.com, in NFL, two stadiums are leading towards the RFID technology, to speed payments, increase customer insight and increase consumer spending – the Seattle Seahawks and the Philadelphia Eagles.


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