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RFIDTags.com Top 5 Benefits for Manufacturers

Category: Passive RFID Tag, RFID Tags — Posted by greggm - 4:15 pm

1. Awareness – We are laser focused on providing unmatched product visibility for our clients to prospective customers who use search engines.  We do this by ensuring that RFIDTags.com has top search engine results for the most important keywords.

RFIDTags.com RFID Keywords

2. Visibility – RFIDTags.com continues unmatched year over year traffic increases and dominates all RFID tag related search terms.

    # 338% Increase in Visitors from 2009 to 2010
    # 518% Increase in Visitors from 2009 to 2011

3. Cost Effectiveness & Performance – On average manufacturers are paying approximately $0.07 for each time a visitor views a product.  Compare that to a Google Adwords which costs an average of $1.64/click.  RFIDTags.com is a very cost effective solution.

4. Global Exposure – RFIDTags.com has unmatched global exposure to prospective customers using search engines to research and find RFID tags.

  • Google (Hong Kong) – Position #2
  • Google (Singapore) – Position #2
  • Google (Malaysia) – Position #2
  • Google (China) – Position #2
  • Google (Korea) – Position #2
  • Google (Japan) – Position #2
  • Google (India) – Position #3

5. Coming Soon! – RFIDTags.com Mobile – global internet traffic being generated by mobile devices is sharply increasing.

RFID Tags Mobile


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