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RFID Technology in the iPhone

Category: RFID Tags — Posted by BrittanyK - 1:40 am

According to a number of reports, “Apple has a patent for a touch screen RFID tag reader and is said to be testing an RFID-enabled iPhone currently”.

This would allow the RFID reader to be placed in the display panel and is enabled to read the RFID tags, which also allows the phone to be used beyond the consumer domain. If the iPhone becomes a RFID reader, this will allow the phone to interact with any object that is enabled.

Having the iPhone and using it as an RFID tag could delete some cards in your wallet. This could be used as a payment device, identity card, security device and more.

According to reports, this is already being implemented in Japan, “where the RFID Suica chip is installed in mobile phones”.

If this becomes a reality, the iPhone’s security will be enhanced. One report claims they could add fingerprints of the phone user meaning the phone will not be accessible for everyone.

Would you consider this a benefit in allowing the iPhone to withhold all your information, making it easily accessible?

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