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Category: RFID Tags — Posted by BrittanyK - 10:45 pm

GPS tracking with RFID tags are currently available, but do you think it’s an invasion of people’s privacy?

There are two main reasons people are arguing this is ethical. One, it can help track children when they have wandered off or been abducted, and two, for Alzheimer patients who get lost and can’t identify who they are or where they need to be.

Because it is children and child abduction is becoming more and more frequent it seems this new technology is beneficial and essential, but does this mean this sophisticated tag, that uses satellites with RFID, will be able to track where your family is at all times?

However, it can only track a certain distance from the scanner. For example, if you have a chip embedded in your apparel and you walk in to the mall the scanner may pick up that RFID tag and know you’re there. This now sends them your information, where you bought that outfit or when it was purchased. This then allows them to be able to track where you are in the mall.

More recently, American Apparel has over 200 stores in 18 different countries. As you can imagine at times it can be hard to track all their retail transferring from place to place. For a chance to better their company and ensure that their stock was all there and to avoid losing sales, they decided to invest in an RFID to control its manufacturing, distributing and retail operations.

After extensive testing they discovered increased sales and a more accurate inventory. This is now implemented in all the stores in the New York area and in Santa Monica, California. For retailers, like American Apparel, this is beneficial in a different way and not to invade in their customer’s privacy.

Do you think RFID tracking should be allowed in clothing or should it be illegal because of privacy issues?


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