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RFID Tags Takes Working Out to a Whole New Level

Category: RFID Tags — Posted by BrittanyK - 11:10 pm

In an article I recently read, Curves International, which is based in Waco, Texas, has over 10,000 clubs. In 2007, the company introduced CurvesSmart, which is an RFID-based system. This is designed to provide members with personal and immediate feedback during their training.

To activate the system, the member wears an RFID-embedded wristband and on each piece of equipment a RFID interrogator is attached. The wristbands have passive RFID tags, each costing $2.54.

Each wristband contains the member’s information from a fitness test that is required upon receiving the device. This helps the CurvesSmart system target the woman’s workout for her particular body. Finally, at the end of the workout, she then can measure her results and compare it to the previous workout.

Wouldn’t it be great to see after every workout that you are a step closer to accomplishing your goals?

With this RFID tag it seems that you are able to see your progress.

Do you think this could be implemented at your gym?

Would you use it?


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