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RFID Readers Help Track Pain

Category: RFID Tags — Posted by BrittanyK - 11:13 pm

Meridian Health operates five New Jersey hospitals, and has helped develop an active RFID tag that logs a patient’s pain at home and records the effectiveness of pain medications he or she takes, according to a recent article on RFIDJournal..

com How convenient would it be to have something that logs your pain and is able to tell which medications are more effective for your pain and which one’s are not?

This product is known as, Impak Health Journal for Pain, and is being tested by 22 patients. They’re using an “RFID-enabled cardboard foldout”; patients answer the questions that are then placed on an RFID reader.

This is an excellent way to reach out to patients while they are at home instead of actually coming to the hospital, daily. I think this is an excellent way to improve medications and better a patients needs.

Their plan for the future is to offer the journal to test blood for sugar or cholesterol levels and then make it available to hospital’s servers through an NFC reader.

In today’s society, everyone seems to be “busy”. With this advance technology, this device makes it capable for patients to be at home, and doctors to be at the hospital, but they can still monitor their patients.


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