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As the mom of two little girls, I am becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues and steps that I can take to make a difference for them and future generations. I use energy-efficient lightbulbs, reuse plastic containers and bags as much as I can, turn off the lights when I don’t need them on and we always make a point to recycle. So when I saw this article about Kraft and its recycling program I was thrilled. Here’s a big manufacturer taking steps to help our environment.

Kraft recycle binsCheck it out. Kraft foods has started a pilot program where they reward people for recycling! According to RFID Journal, “Kraft is the “official food sponsor” of RecycleBank, which has been expanding its offering across the United States with technology to weigh recycling bins as they are lifted into the recycling truck, while also recording whose recyclables are being weighed. The consumer can then use that record to download a variety of coupons and other rewards, based on the amount of recycling they did.” Read the article.

So how does RFID play a role? Each bin has a RFID tag and each customer has a unique ID code on their bin and to use when they log in online.

How awesome is that?!? Let’s hope some other manufacturers join in the program too.


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