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How Can RFID Increase Sales?

Category: RFID Tags — Posted by greggm - 2:35 pm

As RFID technology matures and the capabilities of RFID equipment improvesRFID Sales new and interesting applications arise.  BlueBean has recently started a project using active RFID for a electronics retail chain that wants to correlate the amount of time its sales people spend on the show room floor in their respective departments to actual sales.

Hmmm…who would have thought that RFID could drive more sales?  We all know how Wal Mart is improving out of stocks by utilizing passive RFID to improve its supply chain but to improve people utilization is an interesting idea.  If you have have not spent
time in electronics retail you would be surprised how real-time it is.  Managers look at sales and other metrics by the hour so adding an additional metric of sales people location utilization to this mix will allow them to keep optimizing the same resources to drive more sales.  MAN I LOVE THIS TECHNOLOGY!


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