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I sometimes wonder how successful companies got that way when I see some poor choices they make. In my previous post I discussed why the RFID market has not seen the dramatic growth that was predicted. There was another factor that has lead to the slow growth. The companies who tried to implement RFID and failed for all the wrong reasons. They hired a systems integrator or a consultant that was not a RFID expert.

BlueBean receives calls frequently from panicked project managers that has a failed RFID project on his or her hands and needs to be rescued. At this point their budget is usually busted, the project is not near completion and the read accuracy is poor. The only out for this project manager is to blame the technology. He tells his boss that RFID technology is not ready.
Result: RFID gets the bad rap for a company hiring an inexperienced RFID vendor.

The lesson is that RFID projects require an experienced RFID consultant or systems integrator. Companies beware of bar code companies or IT shops pretending to be RFID experts. They can hide behind their technical expertise and be convincing but RFID is a very different animal. I would recommend asking questions like:
1. What percentage of your annual revenue is from RFID projects?
2. How many complete implementations have you done?
3. How long have you been implementing RFID?
4. Do you have any RFID certifications?

There are few pure RFID consulting and integration companies in the United States.  BlueBean is one of them with over 200 clients


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