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RFIDTags.com is looking for UHF, HF, LF and Active RFID Category Sponsors!

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If you are a manufacturer of RFID tags, labels or cards and want to get maximum exposure to over 40,000 searches/month of prospective customers using search engines then please contact BlueBean (800-966-7343 or email: http://www.rfidtags.com//contact.php?advertise=1).  There are six category sponsorships available at RFIDTags.com (www.rfidtags.com)

- UHF RFID Labels and Cards
- HF RFID Tags
- HF RFID Labels and Cards
- LF RFID Tags, Key FOBs and Cards
- Active RFID Tags

“To learn more about RFIDTags.com please download the value proposition – www.rfidtags.com/documents/RFIDTagsValueProposition.EXE.”